Rachol Seminary

Rachol Seminary Travel Map

The Rachol Seminary is situated on a small hillock near Rachol at a distance of around seven kilometres from Margao Town in the Salcete taluka. This seminary is surrounded by rice fields and the ruins of moat of an old Muslim fort. It is believed that the seminary was established in 1580 that was later developed as a Diocesan seminary. The Good Shepherd was the title given to this seminary by Archbishop da Silveira in 1759. This ancient seminary is considered as one of the first seminaries in the Bardez region and the second in Goa. It houses an ancient printing press of 1616, which is famous for producing the literature of Christian religion. Tourists can also visit a church constructed in 1576, which is dedicated to the founder of the Jesuit order, Saint Ignatius Loyola. This church has a statue of Saint Constantine on the main altarpiece. It is believed that the fragments of his bones are preserved in the church, brought from Rome in 1782.

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