Maa Mahakalika Temple

Maa Mahakalika Temple Travel Map

Maa Mahakalika Temple is both a Hindu and Muslim pilgrimage spot and is located at the top of Pavagadh Hills. This temple is situated amidst dense forests, on a cliff and is considered to be one of the 51 Shakti Peeths. The main deity in this temple is Goddess Kalika, who is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Kali. The Kalika Temple is located at a height of around 550 m above ground level and can be reached by using the ropeway. Apart from the ropeway, there are around 250 steps which lead to this temple. This temple is further divided into two parts, with the top part featuring a Mazar of a Peer, which is sacred for Muslims. The Mazar is called as Sadanshah Peer Dargah, where visitors can listen to several tales, dramas and songs regarding Patai Raval.

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