Pirotan Island

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The only marine national park in India is located at Jamnagar in Gujarat. It spans an area of around 3.0 square km. of Island. The island is covered with marine trees and dense mangrove forest. The entire forest and island is enriched with exotic marine creatures, wild life and sea animals. Tourists can find varieties of crabs in the region like neptune crab, wolf crab, king crab, hermit crabs, ghost crabs etc. A few exotic species like scorpions, squid, wiper-isosceles, sea snakes, sea bonellia, sea warm sabella, coaster cather and sea slugs are also found in plenty in this mangrove forest. Various types of corals like moon coral, star coral, brain coral and finger coral etc, are also spotted. Certain species of fishes like puffer fish, ray fish, lobster fish, brittle star, coral fish, pistol shrimp etc. with more than 250 species are also found here. The forest is also a heaven for bird watchers, as the forest offers shelter to flamingo, cranes, sea gull, haring gull, blackhead gull, crab plover gull, puffin and many other birds.

Other Places To Visit In Jamnagar
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Marine National Park
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Bala Hanuman Temple
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Pirotan, Gujarat

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