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Aina Mahal is a palace of mirrors built in the 18th century and is also known as the Madansinhji Museum. It was created by Ramsinh and Gaidhar Devshi during the period of Maharao Lakhpatti between 1752 and 1761. The museum has two parts, one of which is called the Kala Atari Picture Gallery and the other part is called the Aina Mahal. This ‘Aina Mahal’ or the hall of mirrors is the biggest attraction of this museum. This hall is situated on the second floor of the museum and contains white marbled walls covered with mirrors that are separated by gilded ornaments. The hall has objects like a Dutch Clock, English and French globes, antique pictures, mechanical toys, etc. The middle floor of the museum has a pleasure pool with a platform above it. It also has a series of fountains that are operated by a system of pumps placed below a Venetian chandelier. The art gallery in this museum comprises many photographs and portraits of Bhuj city and its rulers.

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Maharav Of Kutch, Darbargadh, Bhuj, Gujarat 370001, India

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