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The Maatangi Modheshwari Temple is dedicated to Goddess Modheshwari, the Kuldevi or family Goddess of the Modh Community. It is believed that demon Karnat was creating havoc in the region by disturbing the Brahmans during their prayers. For seeking protection from the demon, all the saints went to Shri Mata Modheshwari. On hearing their grievances, she was upset as well as angry and started throwing fire from her mouth, which gave birth to Shri Mata Matangi. This incarnation of the goddess has eighteen arms, each having a weapon, like trident and dagger. Goddess Maatangi killed the demon on Mahadev Trij and since that day an annual festival is organised in the village. On the days of Chaitra Navaratra and on the 15th of every month, special poojas and religious activities are organised in the temple.

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