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Maa Mahakali Temple is a popular Hindu and Muslim pilgrim centre, which is one among the 51 Shakti Peeths scattered throughout India. The Shakti Peeth of Pavagadh is situated at a distance of about 50 km from Vadodara, in Gujarat. The temple is situated on a cliff of the Pavagadh Hills. According to legends, it is said that the right toe of Goddess Sati fell here. It is believed that the idol of Kalika Mata was set up by a sage named Viswamitra. A river called the Vishwamitri originates from the hills of Pavagadh. The goddess of this temple is also worshipped as Dakshina Kali. There are around 250 steps to climb, to reach the temple of Maha Kali. The temple was constructed with a strong fortification and an open junction in front of the temple, with two altars which were used for sacrifices. The temple holds the head of Kalika Mata in the inner sanctum of the temple, which is painted in red colour. Besides that, there are idols of Mahakali and the yantras of Bahuchara. The complex of temple is divided into two parts; the part on the ground floor is dedicated to Goddess Kali and the top part consists of a mazar (tomb) of a Peer, which is important to Muslim community. A passenger ropeway at this place has been operating here since 1986, which takes only 6 minutes to reach the temple, whereas climbing the hill takes around an hour.

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