Vansada National Park

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Vansda National Park, situated about 120 km away, is a major attraction frequented by the tourists visiting Surat. Vansda National Park used to be the royal reserve of King of Vansda, before independence. This area was declared a protected area in the year 1979. The park, spread over an area of about 24 sq km, is home to about 450 species of plants of which 430 species are flowering plants.  Situated on the banks of River Ambika, Vansda National Park is bordered on its north and west by the Shyadri ranges of Western Ghats. The deep forest area of Vansda, which is a continuum of forests of Valsad of the south and Dangs of the east, is dominated by tall teak and bamboo. Kaatas bamboo can be found in the moist deciduous areas of Vansda where as Manvel bamboo can be found in the dry deciduous forest areas. Many varieties of orchids can also be found towards the northern parts of this Park. Vansda National Park is also the natural habitat of more than 20 species of breeding populations of mammals, 115 species of birds, 31 species of snakes, 21 species of spiders and 11 species of frogs.  

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