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Halvad village is famous for its Jain temples that are believed to have been constructed in 1837, at Tikar. The temple complex is situated in the desert village, on the banks of the Brahmani River. Some of the ancient idols of the Pandavas and Shri Krishna were discovered during the excavations in Halvad. A beautiful temple dedicated to Samudri Mata, also known as Sundari Bhavani and the family Goddess of Kandoliya Brahmins, can also be visited. Some of the other prominent attractions are the Paliyas of Sati, a 500 years old Bhavani Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple, Ek Dandiay Wooden Palace and Samatsar Talav. The Sharameshwar Mahadev Temple and Sharaneshwar Mahadev Temple can also be visited.

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