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EME Temple, often referred as the Dakshinamurti Temple, was built by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps. Featuring an unusually modern geodesic architecture, this temple is dedicated to Dakshinamurti, a form of Shiva as supreme teacher. It is run by Indian Army Authorities, and incorporates holy symbols of all religions in one place as they do not have separate places of worship for different faiths. Depicting army architecture, the aluminium building of this temple is ringed by a garden featuring a rich collection of 106 ancient statues from the 6th to the 16th centuries. As a matter of fact, photography is strictly prohibited in this temple and thus visitors are not allowed to carry any kind of cameras inside. From anywhere in the city, the temple is easily accessible via local transport means like buses and auto rickshaws.

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Mandir Marg, Fatehgunj, Vadodara, Gujarat 390002, India

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