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Bhaluka Tirtha, also known as Bhalka Teerth, is believed to be a site where a hunter named Jara hit Lord Krishna with an arrow. This place is known for its holy tirth (pond), which is located at the confluence of the three holy rivers. Out of the three holy rivers, one is the Hiran River. According to legend, when Lord Krishna was sitting under a banyan tree in meditation, Jara, the hunter, shot him with an arrow as he mistook Lord Krishna for a deer. Presently, a temple is located under the banyan tree on the bank of the pond. This small temple is enshrined with an idol of Lord Krishna. At the tirtha, visitors can also see the pink coloured foot of Lord Krishna as well as an image of the hunter Jara sitting with folded hands.

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Bhalka, Somnath, Gujarat 362265, India

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