Baba Baroh Temple, Kangra

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Baba Baroh Temple is a popular pilgrimage destination located in the Kangra Valley. Devoted to Sri Radha Krishna, this shrine is visited by many devotees daily. The temple is entirely constructed with marble. The main idols of Krishna and Radha are placed in the main temple. There are other smaller shrines devoted to Shiva, Durga, Sai Baba, and Hanuman. Built by a local devotee, B. R. Sharma, this temple is not only visited for its religious importance, but also for its scenic surroundings. Situated in the Kangra valley, the temple commands a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar ranges. Mesmerizing views of the sun setting is an added attraction, making it a preferred spot for the whole family.Though the weather in Kangra is quite pleasant throughout the year, the best time to visit the temple is in the month of October during the Dussehra festival which is celebrated with great passion in the Kangra Valley.Baba Baroh Temple is located at drivable distances from Kangra and Dharamshala making it easy to reach. There are various other temples located nearby including the temple of Kali Nath Bhole Shankar, which can be clubbed while visiting Baba Baroh Temple.

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Baroh, Himachal Pradesh 176054, India

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