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Raghunath Temple, constructed by Rajah Jagat Singh in 17th century, is the oldest temple in the valley. The story behind the construction of this temple is that when a Brahmin was found in the valley with lots of pearls, Rajah ordered his men to take them away from him. Subjected to torture, which he found unbearable, the Brahmin locked his entire family in his house and set it on fire.Rajah was very depressed with this event and felt guilty about what he had done to the Brahmin. To get over his guilt, he visited Shri Kishan Dass ji Paihari, who advised him to construct a temple of Lord Rama. On the advice of the sage, Rajah donated his entire kingdom to Lord Rama.Thereafter, he constructed the temple in 1651 as an act of penitence, by establishing the idol of Raghunath or Lord Rama that was brought into Kullu from Ayodhya. Raghunath, who is the presiding deity of the valley, has been showcased on his chariot, at the temple

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