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Tourists can visit the Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara, as there is an interesting tale associated with it. The entire tale is mentioned in the “Twarikh Guru Khalsa” or Bhai Bala Janam Sakhi written by Giani Gian Singh.Crossing areas of Kalanaur, Kangra, Gurdaspur, Kullu, Dasuya, Mandi, Triloknath, Bijli Mahadev and Palampur, spreading the message of Sikhism, Sri Guru Nanak Devji with his disciple Bhai Mardana and his 5 followers or “Piaras” arrived at Manikaran. The Gurudwara at Manikaran was constructed to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev’s visit to this place.The story states, according to the Vikrami Calendar around 1574, Guru Nanak Dev came to Manikaran for the welfare of the inhabitants of this place. His disciple Bhai Mardana was instructed by Guru Nanak to collect pulses and flour from inhabitants for ‘langar’.When it was done, Guru Nanak Dev asked him to pick up a stone from the place he sat, to reveal a hot water spring. In this spring Bhai Mardana was asked to throw the gathered flour and pulses tied up in a cloth in form of ‘prasadas’ in the pool. After which on praying to the Almighty, cooked food emerged from the hot water spring. The spring still exists today and is used in the free community kitchen to cook ‘prasadas’ for all.In the Bhavishya Puran, Maharishi Ved Vyas had predicted the visit of Guru Nanak Dev to Manikaran and later this place was also visited by Guru Gobind Singh and his Panj Piaras. Pilgrims believe that taking a dip in the baths of Manikaran and drinking its water, will help them to attain salvation

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