Martand Sun Temple

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Martand Sun Temple is located about 9 km northeast of Anantnag District. It was constructed by King Lalitaditya, a Kshatriya from Surya dynasty, in honour to Bhaskar or the Sun God. This temple is significant of exemplary Aryan structure, which gives a glimpse into the skill and art of Kashmiri Hindus. Martand Temple was made out of square limestones similar to the Grecian patterned pillars.Though, the city from the age of the King Lalitaditya is no longer found, but the ruins of the temple can be clearly seen standing in a square field surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The temple is known for its exclusive art, design and beauty compared to the art seen in Taj Mahal, Parthinan and St. Peters. In 1700, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh Guru, came to this temple to preach about Sikhism to Hindus.

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Suriya Mandir Rd, Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir 192125

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