The winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu lies along the River Tawi at the edge of the northern plains. The Old City lies to the north of the river, while the newer areas extend towards its south. Although Jammu only has a handful of sights, it nevertheless makes a pleasant stop in winter. It also lists no less than 46 shrines within its limits and serves as a hub for pilgrims who visit its hill shrines, including the popular cave temple of Vaishno Devi. Jammu was the capital of the Dogra kings who united Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh into one unit. Several of the city’s important sights, including the Amar Mahal, Mubarak Mandi Palace and Raghunath Mandir belong to the period of their rule.

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Places To Visit In Jammu
Bahu Fort
Mansar Lake
Raghunath Mandir
Bahu Temple
Ranbireshwar Temple
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