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Iringole Forest Temple, also known as Iringole Kavu, is a temple located in the middle of tropical rain forest, which is situated in the vicinity of village Pattal. The mythological legend states that the temple is situated on the same place where Kamsa tried to kill the girl child, an incarnation of Goddess Maya. It is believed that Kansa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudevan due to the fear that their son, Lord Krishna will kill him in future. As soon as the lord took birth, his parents shifted the child to Dwarka and placed another baby girl, an incarnation of the goddess Maya, in the cradle. When Kamsa lifted the baby above his head, the girl flew away in the sky and turned into lightening. Representing a rare combination of divine and wilderness, the temple is surrounded by huge trees, which are believed to be around 500 years old. Monkeys, squirrel, mynah and medicinal plants are some of the popular flora and fauna found at the site.

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Iringole Temple Rd, Rayamangalam, Kerala 683545, India

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