Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

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The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary was established by Dr. Salim Ali, a renowned ornithologist of India, in 1983. It is situated in the Kothamangalam region of the Idukki District and is home to around 500 species of rare birds. It is covered with thick tropical deciduous and evergreen forests and spreads over an area of 25 sq km. The tributaries of the Periyar River are the prime source of water for animals residing in the sanctuary. Numerous species of bee-eater, jungle fowl, black-winged kite, falcon-grey, shrike, crimson-throated barbet, Ceylon frog moth and sun bird can be spotted inside the sanctuary. The region is also home to night heron, white-breasted water hen, blue-winged parakeet, rose-billed roller and hornbill. It is a habitat for around 28 species of animals and many species of reptiles, making it an ideal site for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Animals such as leopard, bear and porcupine are commonly seen near the water bodies, while herds of elephants are occasionally spotted in the thick areas of forest. Reptiles like cobra and python can be seen on the tree trunks and in the holes. The sanctuary also provides shelter to a wide variety of plants, including trees of teak, mahogany and rosewood.

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Kothamangalam-Pooyamkutty Road, Nyayapally PO, Thattekad, Kerala 686681, India

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