Thirunavaya Temple

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Thirunavaya Temple is situated near Ponnani at a distance of 8 km south of Tirur. It is also renowned as The Thiruvanaya Navamukunda Temple. Located on the banks of river Bharathapuzha, the place is popular for historical as well as religious significance. During ancient period, the site served as a place for conducting Mamangam, a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala. Held for the last time in 1755, this assembly took place once in every 12 years. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the 6,000 years old temple houses various sculptures carved around the walls of the inner sanctum. Further, the carvings of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and sculptures narrating the story of Lord Shiva and Arjuna are also adorned on the walls. Tourists as well devotees throng this temple in large number during the ten-day annual festival, out of which the last three days are popular for grand celebrations. Besides, the site was also a traditional venue for Mamankam, an act of traditional martial arts performed by suicide squads.

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