The Teak Plantation - Conolly's Plot

The Teak Plantation - Conolly's Plot Travel Map

The teak plantation, which is also known by the name of Conolly's Plot, is a vast plot that extends over a total area of 2.31 hectares. This plot has been named after H.V. Conolly, who was the collector of the region during the British rule. He played a main role in developing teak plantations all over the region around Nilambur, with assistance from a forest officer by the name of Shri Chanthu Menon, who was his subordinate. This teak plantation was established in between the years 1842 to 1844, which is why it is also popular as the world's first teak plantation. The plot is also popular for one of the oldest teak trees still standing. Shri Chanthu Menon is said to have been buried near the teak garden as a matter of respect.

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