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Magnetic Observatory was established in 1904 in Alibaug, which serves as one of the significant observatories to form a global network. It is located on the beach along the J.S.M. College of Alibaug. The observatory provides record for the geomagnetic observations.In 1826 the first magnetic observatory was set up at Colaba, Mumbai in India and the regular observations were started from 1846. In order to save electricity and large masses of iron, restrictions were imposed on this observatory. In 1900, it was planned to replace the horse-drawn tramcars by the electric tram service. For this, the India Metrological Department decided to move the observatory from Colaba to Alibaug.Considering several parameters like topography, sparse population and nature of the soil, Alibaug, a coastal town, was chosen. The observatory is constructed in British style of architecture using Porbandar sandstone with detail observation to find magnetism effect.The observatory has two buildings; the first building has magnetometers that record changes occurring in the Geo magnetic fields. The second building consists of precision recording instruments, which give data about geo magnetic storms caused by solar storms. It is believed that the data is exchanged in every 12 minutes.

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Police Line, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201, India

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