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Shree Moreshwar Temple is situated in Morgaon in Pune District on the banks of the river Karha. Historians believe that the shape of the place is similar to the shape of a peacock and was once the dwelling place of peacocks. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the idol found at this place is believed to be 'Swayambhu'. It is believed that Ganesha was born as Mayureshwar in order to kill Sindhu, son of Chakrapani, while riding a peacock and Morgaon was the place where his head fell.Constructed in 14th century by Moraya Gosavi, the temple has a dome which is surrounded by a 50 ft high enclosure. An interesting fact is that the temple resembles a mosque as it has four pillars in each corner. Facing towards the east, the temple has four gates, each dedicated to Lakshminarayana, Parvati and Shankar, Rati and Kama and Mahivaraha.The idol in a sitting position in the temple has diamonds embedded in the navel and eyes, with a hood of Nagaraja on its head. The statues of Siddhi and Buddhi are placed on both the sides of Shree Moreshwar, also known as Shree Mayureshwara. Mooshaka( a rat) and Mayura( a peacock) are placed in the front of the idol.There are a number of trees in the temple complex including Shami, Mandar and Tarati. Devotees meditate under the Tarati tree which is also known as Kalpavruksha.

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