Ambagar Fort

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Ambagar Fort, one of the historic sites of the destination, was believed to be constructed around 17th century by Raja Khan Pathan, the subhedar of Bakht Buland Shah. Bakht Buland Shah was the ruler of Devgadh and one of the tribal kings belonging to Gond tribe. The fort has witnessed many wars after which it came under the possession of Raja Raghuji Bhosla, a king of Nagpur, who later used it as prison for slaves. Later, the fort was won by the Britishers, who ruled it until India got independence.It is believed that when the prisoners were sent to the fort, they were forced to drink the water of the inner well, which is contaminated by poison. A prisoner named Kadu Patel of Mohali died in the premises of the fort, which revealed that the water of the well is poisonous. Kadu Patel was imprisoned for commencing the crime related to sorcery, and after his death, he was worshipped by the natives of the region, especially Koshtis.The main entrance of the fort still stands in the eastward direction while other parts of the building remain in ruins. Tourists can also witness another tank located outside the fort, which acts as a prime source for fulfilling water requirements of the villagers.

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