Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the vicinity of the Dajipur Bison Sanctuary and is renowned for sheltering many Indian bison. Lying between the reservoirs, namely the Shahu Sagar and the Laxmi Sagar, the sanctuary sprawls a major area of the Kolhapur District. Covering an area of around 351 sq km, the sanctuary is dotted with species of south tropical semi-evergreen forests.Protected with rolling steep escarpments, it is amongst the first wildlife sanctuaries of Maharashtra. Established in 1958, the sanctuary is home to various wild animals, apart from the Indian bison. Possessing rich deposits of Bauxite ores, the forest is a natural habitat of various reptiles, amphibians and avifauna.At the sanctuary, one can also explore the Radhanagari Dam, which is a gravity dam constructed on the Bhogawati River. With a length of around 1,143 m, the dam is used for both irrigation and for generating hydroelectricity.

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