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The city of Jalna has a number of Dargah's like the Shah Nasir-ud-din and Shah Latif Kadari Dargah, which was constructed in memory of the two saints after whom the Dargah is named, during the time of Burhanuddin. Another popular Dargah is the Dargah of Zacha and Bacha, which looks very similar to the Pathan Kings' tombs located in Delhi. This Dargah is square in shape and is bounded by a verandah.Dargah of Jan Alla Shah built in A.D 1681 is equally popular. It is a 20 ft square rooms covered with a dome. The four corners of the Dargah are constructed in a hexagonal form that rises to form minarets. The minarets carry four small towers, with each tower having a dome and a spire.And lastly, there is the Dargah of Nur Shah Wali, which is built with a dome that resembles Indo-Saracenic style. The outside faces of the walls have two storeys that are divided by horizontal band. Again, each storey is divided to form three compartments with the help of pilasters. These pilasters ultimately form minarets as they rise above the protruding cornice.

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Jalna Industrial Area MIDC, Jalna, Maharashtra 431213, India

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