Bhaja Caves

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The Bhaja Caves were built by the Buddhist nuns around 200 BC. Located in Karli, these caves are on an ancient trade route, which extends from the eastward side of the Arabian Sea towards the Deccan.The Bhaja Caves are similar to the Karla Caves in style and architectural designs. Popular are the 22 rock-cut caves, which depict various sculptures, like that of a prince in a chariot, a prince seated on an elephant, three armed warriors and dancing couples, among others.Out of the 22 rock-cut caves, the first cave is the residential place of the master of the caves. The next ten are the Buddhist viharas, out of which one cave is the Chaitya Hall (Chaityagriha). The other seven caves, with a nave and aisle side have inscriptions, which include the details of the patron.Close to the last cave is a waterfall, which ends in a small pond. This rare Buddhist destination reveals the Indian mastery in sculpting and ancient architecture. The notable feature of the caves is its group of 14 stupas, which enfold an irregular excavation with five stupas inside and nine outside.

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Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District, Lonavala, 412106, India

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