Pratapgarh Fort

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Pratapgarh Fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja in 1656, around 24 km west of Mahabaleshwar. The fort comprises two ancient forts, one is the upper fort built on the top of the hill, while the other is the lower fort on the South and the East. Within the complex of the fort, tourists can see the Bhavani Temple and the tomb of Afzal Khan. The upper fort comprises several buildings, including a Mahadev temple. On the other hand, the lower fort houses Bhavani temple on the eastern side. The entire lower fort is defended by 10 to 12 m high towers and bastions. The fort overlooks the road between the villages of Par and Kinesvar.Basically, the fort was built in 1656 on the orders of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. The fort was constructed to protect the banks of the Nira and the Koyna rivers, and the Par pass from governor Javali Basin. The fort stands as the witness of historic Battle of Pratapgarh between Shivaji and Afzal Khan on November 10, 1659.

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