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Toranmal is located at a height of 1461 m and is considered as one of the peaceful regions on the earth. Toranmal is under the Nandurbar region of Maharashtra and is surrounded by Satpura Hills. Flanked by the 7 hills of the Satpuda range, Toranmal snuggles among diversities of flora and fauna.Toranmal is one of those rare places that are not densely populated. However, the peaceful atmosphere of the region and natural beauty is the enticer with gentle and refreshing climate. It has a famous natural lake that is named after Yashvant Lake and has two old temples of Gorakhnath and Nagarjun.The grand fair of Maha Shivratri takes place in front of Goraknath temple every year during the months of March to April. Khadi Point, Machindara Gumpha (a natural lake), Sunset Point and Kamal Talao or the Lotus Lake are the other popular places in the region. There are also several trekking points including Khadki and Seetalhai in Toranmal.

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