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Karnala Fort, also known as Funnel Hill, is essentially a hill fort located in Raigad District that is around 10 km from Panvel. It is situated within the protected space of Karnala Bird Sanctuary and provides an ideal trekking trail inside the sanctuary. This fort was strategically important, as it overlooked the Bor Pass, connecting the Konkan Coast with interior Maharashtra.It was also an important trade route between these two regions. It is believed that this fort was constructed in 1400, during the rule of the Tughlaq rulers, who succeeded the Devagiri Yadavas. During this time period, Karnala was the capital city of the North Konkan District and was taken over by Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar in 1540.This fort was occupied by many over the years, including Shivaji, Mughals and Peshwas. In the year 1803, the fort was in the hands of Bhaji Rao. In 1818, this fort came under the control of British till Indian independence.The centre of the fort has a 125 feet tall basalt pillar, which is also called Pandu's Tower. This building was used as a watchtower; however, it is in ruins at the moment. The fort has a steep rock in the middle of green surroundings, which is quite popular with trekkers.Apart from this, the doorway of the fort is decorated with carvings of elephants and tigers. In addition to this, several naturally developed water reservoirs can also be spotted.

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