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Vigneshwara temple also referred as Vighnahar Ganapati temple is a popular attraction of Ozar. The temple of Vigneshwara is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and it comes under the group of the eight Ashtavinayaka located across Maharashtra.The god of this temple is Vigneshwara, which is a form of Lord Ganesha. The meaning of this name is Lord of obstacles, due to which it is called Vignahar, a remover of obstacles. According to legends, lord Ganesha defeated Vignasura, who was the demon of obstacles.The legend is that, there was king named Abhinandana who performed ritual of sacrifice in which he did not give any offering to the Indra, king of gods. The annoyed Indra gave orders to Kala to destroy the sacrifice. Kala converted himself into the demon Vignasura (also known as demon of obstacle or vighna), and brought obstacles in the sacrifice and ruined it. The Kala became uncontrollable and started creating havoc by bringing obstacles in the religious works and sacrifices made by sages and other people. Sages asked god Brahma and Shiva for help and they advised them to worship Ganesha. On hearing their worship, Ganesha started fighting Vignasura, who realised soon that it was impossible to defeat Ganesha and agreed not to create obstacles and harass people. Since then, it is believed that Vighna would dwell in the places where Ganesha is not worshipped.The temple was renovated by Chimaji Appa, the brother and military commander of the Peshwa Baji Rao I. He covered the temple spire with gold, after taking the Vasai Fort from the Portuguese after a war. The temple was again renovated in the year of 1967 by the Appa Shastri Joshi.The idol of Ganesha in this temple faces east and is flanked with brass images of his consorts Siddhi and Riddhi. The trunk of Ganesha is shaped to the left side and covered with sindoor (vermillion). His eyes, forehead and navel are adorned with emeralds and diamonds.The temple has courtyard, sculptural and mural work on walls, and an entrance. The temple is surrounded with a wall that has a gateway with gatekeeper's sculptures. The central temple has three entrances with sculptured lintels and side posts. This temple has two halls that are 20 ft high and 10 ft high.

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