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One of the major attractions located in the region of Panhala is the Panhala Fort that used to be a very important place in the Maratha Empire. This said to be the same spot where Raja Bhoj II extended his empire towards the fort. It is also said that the great Maratha ruler Shivaji stayed here for more than a year. Largest of all the Deccan forts, the Panhala Fort is said to be built in between the year 1178 to 1209 AD. The wall of the fort is of triangular shape and is about 7 km long with a Dargah on the left side of the fort that is painted in white and green. The three gates leading to the central courtyard of the fort have different inscriptions on them.The 3rd gate consists of Lord Hanuman and a lotus inscribed on it while the second gate consists of Lord Ganesha along with two lions. The first gate of the fort consists of a slab with inscriptions in Persian of that of Adil Shah. There are several ruined monuments present within the fort.

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Panhala, Maharashtra 416201, India

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