Redi Ganapati (Redi Village)

Redi Ganapati (Redi Village) Travel Map

Redi Ganapati is found at a distance of 39 km south-west to Sawantwadi, with the Arabian Sea to its west. Earlier this place was known for bauxite and others ores of aluminium; however, today mining is held back and it is dominated by Usha Ispat Company. Approximately 18 years back, a local person by the name of Sadashiv Kambli supposedly visualized a buried statue of Lord Ganesha in his dream and convinced local workers to dig out the statue from the seashore. Now, after an investigation it has been found that the statue was made by the Panadavas during their rule. The statue is approximately 6 ft in height and 4 ft in width.In order to reach this place, the nearest airport is at Goa, Ratnagiri and Mumbai. In addition, by rail it is near to the Konkan Railhead and by road, it is on the NH 17 route.

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