Dwarkamai Masjid

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Dwarkamai Masjid served as the place where Sai Baba stayed for a period of 60 years. Near the mosque, the Shila (Stone), on which Sai Baba used to sit, is located. In the mosque, Sacred Fire (Dhuni) lit by Sai Baba, always keeps burning. During his lifetime, Sai Baba used to give its Sacred Udi (Ash) to the devotees with the belief that it will cure them of sufferings of any kind.For the distribution of food to the devotees, Sai Baba used to cook at this site. Main attraction of this place attractions of this place areis oil paintings of Sai Baba. The mosque is segmented into two levels. On the first level a portrait of Sai Baba and a big stone is located. It is believed that on this stone, Sai Baba used to sit. This level contains two rooms, one has a palki, while another possesses a chariot. The second level holds a huge square stool, which is constructed out of stone. It is believed that Sai Baba used this stool for taking bath.

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Pimpalwadi Road, Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109, India

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