Ambarnath Temple

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Ambarnath temple is one of the prime destinations of tourists visiting Thane. Ambarnath temple is considered as the oldest temple built in Hemandpanti style of temple architecture. The temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, was built with intricately carved blocks of black stone in 1060 AD by King Chittaraja of the Silhara Dynasty.The mandap and the sanctum of this temple exhibit unique architectural features. The floor of the sanctum sanctorum of Ambarnath temple is an uneven circle as it is designed in the form of a spread-out Shiva's mat (tiger skin). The mandap, which is placed diagonally across the central axis of the sanctum, is away from it by three entrances that face north, south and west.The mandap has a concave ceiling which is richly decorated with intricate carvings. The main entrance to the temple, which also has an idol of Nandi under the porch, is in the West. The exterior walls of the temple are decorated with intricate carvings of stories related to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and Lord Nandi.

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Kailash Colony, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421501, India

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