Sudhagad Fort

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Sudhagad Fort or Bhorapgad Fort or Bhoraigad Fort is one of the prime destinations offered by Thane of Maharashtra. Sudhagad Fort, which can be dated back to 2nd century AD, was occupied by Bahamani Sultan in 1436. In 1650, the fort came under the rule of the Marathas and Pantsachivas of Bhor, became its custodians. In 1818, the Fort was annexed to the British Empire.Sudhagad Fort offers Bhoraidevi temple, who is the patron goddess of the Temple. The fort encloses two lakes, a house, a big granary, some tombs and a shrine along with several ruins. The fort has three gates of which Maha Darwaja is the largest one.Today Sudhagad Fort is a popular trekking destination in Maharashtra. The fort also offers clear view of Sarasgad, Korigad, Dhangad and Taila-Baila Forts from its summit.

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Ghera Sudhagad, Maharashtra 410205, India

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