Chittorgarh Fort

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In Chittorgarh, the Chittorgarh Fort is the imposing structure atop a hill of 300 m which has many palaces and monuments. This fort is situated 1 km from the new town and is spread over an area of around 692 acres.Inside the large fort, is a road that connects the different gates, viz. the main gate or Ram Pol, Padan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Laxman Pol and Jodla Pol. These gates were built for security and fortification of the area. There are around 84 water bodies and many small palaces, important ones being Rana Kumbha Palace, Rani Padminis Palace, etc.Besides these structures, the fort is known for the Kirti Stambha, in honour of the 1st Jain Thirthankara, the victory tower or Vijay Stambha, Meera temple, Kalika Mata temple and the various sculptures and carvings on the monuments.

Other Places To Visit In Chittorgarh
Vijaya Stambh (Victory Tower)
Meera Temple
Kalika Mata Temple
Rana Kumbha Palace
Padminis Palace
Gaumukh Reservoir

Chittor Fort Road, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312001, India

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