Timangarh Fort

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Timangarh Fort is located in proximity of Karauli, in the Masalpur sub-tehsil. According to historians, the fort was built in 1100 AD but was destroyed soon after by an attack. In 1244 AD, Yaduvanshi Raja Timanpal, the scion of Vijay Pal, reconstructed the fort.It is believed that there are ancient ashtadhatu as well as stone idols and sculptures hidden under the temples of the fort complex. Visitors can also see the religious, geometrical and flower patterned carvings on the rooftops and pillars of the temples. These pillars are also adorned with carvings of several gods and goddesses.Ancient records discovered at the site corroborate the belief that the fort was occupied by Mohammad Gouris forces from 1196 to 1244 AD. There is a Sagar Lake at the side of the fort, which is believed to have a Paras stone at its bottom.

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Masalpur, Umri, Rajasthan 322242, India

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