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The Mahavira Temple, dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankara, is a major pilgrimage for Jains of the region. The temple was constructed by Gurjara Pratihara King Vatsaraja in 783 AD. As per historic studies, the temple was built in the Saka Period. One story associated with the temple is that of Goddess Sachhiyay Mata who worshipped Mahavir Swami so deeply that she decided to build a temple in the honour of Mahavir Swami.The place is located on the western outskirts of the village. The complex of the temple has one main temple and seven other temples, of which four temples are located on the eastern side and other three on western side. Close to the temple, there is a dharmashala and a school of theology, run by temple trust. Apart from being a holy place, the temple of Mahavira is famous for its architecture,Apart from its religious significance, the temple is popular for its architecture, which depicts the life story of Bhagavan Neminath. The temple is made using red stones; the walls and pillars of temple display carved images of Gods and Goddesses. The 32 inches high statue of Lord Mahavira in the padmasana posture, is placed on a high platform made of sandstone. The main door of the temple is carved with impressions of young maidens. Temples main porch has pillars and three balconied windows.

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