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The Baba Ramdev Temple also known as the Ramdeora Temple is a significant religious attraction of Pokaran, situated at 12 km north of it. This temple is dedicated to a folk-deity of Rajasthan, Ramdeoji who was said to be the reincarnation of Lord Krishna and to possess miraculous powers. He took Samadhi at a place near this temple in 1458 AD, which is now called the Ramdeora Village. This temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in 1931 AD around the last resting place of Ramdeoji. The original design of this temple was quite simple but it was improvised later with building stone, makrana marble and lime morter with the help of local artisans, sculptors and artisans. Offerings made by the devotees at this temple include rice, coconuts, churma and wooden toy horses.The most popular attraction of this temple is the Ramdeora Fair held here every year near August and September. The specialty of this fair is that, people from any caste, creed, community, sect or religion are allowed to attend it. Ramdeoji is also venerated by Muslims in the form of Ram Shah Pir, as according to a legend, five Pirs from Mecca once came to test his powers and after getting convinced, paid their homage to him. There is also a popular Ramsar tank situated in the Ramdeora Village, which is considered to be built by Baba Ramdev himself. A large step well called the Parcha Baori also lies nearby.

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