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The Rajsamand Lake is one of the most popular natural attractions of Rajsamand Town, situated on the way to Kumbhalgarh. This lake was built by Rana Raj Singh in the year 1660. On the southern end of this lake lies a large marble embankment, known as Nauchowki or the nine pavilions. This embankment has marble terraces and stone steps touching the lake and is dotted with five toranas or weighing arches and chhatris. This place is also considered to be the one where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendents organized the event of Tuladan.This lake is also one of the five most popular lakes of Udaipur and is situated between Rajnagar and Kankroli. It has got its name from the Rajsamudra Lake in Rajasthan. It is 6.43 km long, 2.81 km wide and 60 ft deep; and is majorly fed by River Gomati. The lake is also fed by the Kelwa and Tali rivers in a catchment area of about 508 km. Around this lake are several carved pavilions that are decorated with wooden carvings and the pictures of the sun, chariots, gods and birds. The history of Mewar is also inscribed here in 107 stanzas, on its 21 marble stones known as Raj Prasasti. It has also been acclaimed as one of the longest etchings in India.According to history, the area of this lake has also been used as seaplane base of the Imperial Airways for over six years, during World War II. On the way to this lake also lies the Dwarkadhish Temple. At the time of sunset, the water of this lake glitters and appears orange.

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Rajsamand, Rajasthan

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