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The town of Dewa, located 42 km from Lucknow and 12 km from Barabanki is a major site of attraction for a number of pilgrims. Dewa is known as the place of birth of Haji Waris, who spread the message of universal love for mankind. A monument has been built at the burial place of Haji Saheb to honor his memory. Every year Urs fair takes place at the site of the tomb in the month of 'safar' (July). Moreover, a fair known as 'Dewa Mela' is also held to pay homage to the saint. A cattle market also comprised a part of this fair.A number of cultural programs are also organized during the 'Dewa Mela', which include, Kavi Sammelan, All India Mushaira, Manas Sammelan, Music Conference, Seeratun Nabi and others. The fair also features a number of shops, offering an array of household accessories, handicrafts, toys, snacks and sweetmeats. Finally this 10 days fair is concluded with a display of fire work.

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