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The Kokilavan Dham, also known as the Shani temple, is located in Kokilavan that lies 10 km away from Kosi. This attraction is situated in the Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that the temple is constructed on the site where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Lord Shani Dev.Legend states that on the occasion of Lord Krishna's birth, Nandgaon, was visited by all devas or demigods. Shani Dev also appeared to bless Lord Krishna but Yashoda, mother of Lord Krishna, did not allow him to see young Krishna as she thought that it might bring bad luck.Lord Shani was disappointed and stayed in a nearby forest. He performed hard penance as he was curious to know the reason of his being sidelined on every occasion. He asked the Lord that if he is doing his duty of punishing people according to their Karma then why do others think that he is a cruel god.To answer his question, Lord Krishna appeared before him in the forest and ordered him to stay near Nandgaon. The Lord also conveyed that whosoever visits his temple in the future will be freed from all troubles and ill effects instantly.The temple is visited by number of tourists, especially on Saturdays and Shani Amavasya. Sri Dev Bihariji temple, Giriraj temple and Gokulesh Maharaj temple are located near Kokilavan Dham. The Navagraha temple, Barkhandi Baba temple, Goshala and two large ponds are other attractions near the site.

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