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The Chota Imambara was built by Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah, the third Nawab of Awadh in 1838. Often known as Hussainabad Imambara, the monument was meant to serve as the mausoleum for its founder. Its decorations during special festivals have got it the title of 'Palace of Lights'. For decorating the interior of this building, chandeliers were brought from Belgium.Displaying a blend of Charbagh, Persian and Indo-Islamic structural designs, the monument is famous for its golden dome, gold-edged mirrors and silver throne. Several turrets and minarets are also located in the monument.In the complex are housed tombs of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah and other members of his family. Arabic calligraphy adorns the walls of the monument. The interior of the monument is decorated with intricate glass works. Ornamental lamps and Belgian chandeliers are lit on the eve of Muharam.The watch tower called Satkhanda or tower of seven storeys is located outside the imambara. As the construction of the tower was abandoned when Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah died, it has only four storeys, though it is called Satkhanda. Built between 1837 and 1842, Satkhanda was constructed for moon watching.The construction of the facades of the monument has a legend associated with it. The construction of the monument was launched to aid the lower strata in the society, who had lost all their belongings in the famine of the 19th century.Launched under the 'Food for Work Program', the construction provided respite to the poverty stricken. Through the middle of the garden, a placid stream runs. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the monument.

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