Abbott Mount

A dwarf and picturesque hill station, Abbott Mount Cottage is a hundred years old heritage lodge situated in Kumaon Hills near the town of Lohaghat in Champawat district in an Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for the Mayawati Ashram/Advaita Ashram of Lohaghat, Chaumu Temple and annual fair of Pancheshwar and a Kila of Vanasur and also famous for unspoiled nature, trekking, angling, bird watching and photography. Lohaghat is a dazzling Himalayan views and never ending snow clad forest cover situated on the banks of Lohawati River in Champawat district is one of the important places for its temples. A british businessman named Mr John Harold Abbott founded Abbott Mount at the turn of the 20th century. Lohaghat serves as the hub to many nearby tourist spots like Shyamla Taal, Gurudwara Ritha Sahib and Devidhura.

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