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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, sprawling over an area of 47.04 sq.kmuare kilometre, is set deep in the foothills of Himalayas. It is a small a protected area, which was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1988. The sanctuary was established with an aim for the protection and conservation of the broad leaf oak (Quercus) forests, mainly located in the Central Himalayan region.This sanctuary is rich in diversified flora and fauna as the place is home to variety of species of plants and animals as well as avifauna. In addition, the sanctuary also has some of the unique species of plants and animals, which are found in the Himalayan range. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to Leopards, Wild Boars, Monkeys, Ghorals, Kakars and Himalayan Black Bears. In addition, this sanctuary also offers shelter to several other wild animals like Indian Red Fox, Pine Martens, Jackals and Porcupines.Enveloped with the dense forest all around, the Himalayan peaks stand erect in the backdrop of this sanctuary. At the higher altitude, forests of Oak and Rhododendron are found., Wwhile at the lower altitude Pine forests surrounds the entire area of this sanctuary. In addition, the sanctuary is one of the ideal destinations for bird lovers as the place is home to more than 200 species of birds. including both migratory and resident species. The sanctuary has been declared as an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International. There is only one entry gate available for tourists visiting this sanctuary, which is located at Ayarpani. In addition, only one road leads to this sanctuary that extends in a north-west direction and terminates at the Forest Rest House. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from February to April and October to November.

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