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Mindrolling Monastery, located in Clement Town area of Dehradun, is one of the most prominent monasteries of the destination. Locally known as Tibetan Monastery, it was established by Rigzin Tendak Lingpa in the year 1676. The name of the monastery, Mindroling in Tibetan language means Place of Perfect Emancipation.This is a renowned monastery of the Nyingma sect, which has survived several challenges, including numerous attacks as well as natural calamities. However, the present structure of this monastery is attributed to Khenchen Rinpoche. Besides, this monastery is among one of the largest Buddhist Viharas located in the country, which is also known for its architectural beauty.One of the major attractions of this monastery is the stupa, which was inaugurated on 28th October 2002. Popularly known as the Great Stupa, this was constructed for World Peace. Being 185 ft tall and 100 sq. ft in width, these dimensions make it the world's largest stupa.Besides being a famous tourist attraction, this monastery is also a popular spiritual school. It is one of the major study centres for Buddhist monks and houses a college for advanced Buddhist Studies. This college is known as Ngagyur Nyingma College or Institute of Advanced Buddhist Studies, which is attended by several monks.

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3, Budha Temple Rd, New Basti, Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248002, India

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