The pilgrimage destination, Madhyamaheshwar is located at the base of Chaukhamba peak in the Garhwal region of Rudraprag district in an Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for the Madhyamaheshear Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, lies in the Mansoona village. This diminutive locality is famed as the most scenic spot among the Panch Kedars The temple architechure is a classic Nagara style. This is the fourth temple to be visited in the Panch Kedar Pilgrimage circuit, the other temples being Kedarnath, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar. It takes a tedious trek of 24 kilometers to be at the sanctified premises of Maheswar, but it is really worthy and pay high dividends in the form of picturesque surroundings. The unwinding paths through the lush meadows and woody forests proffers the possibilities of a nice stride, the warmth of which is memorable forever.

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