Valley Of Flowers National Park

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Valley of Flowers National Park, known for its natural beauty, is situated in the Western Himalayas. Popularly known as Bhyundar Valley, this national park sprawls over an area of 87.50 sq km. Recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the park is located at the attitude ranging between 3,250 m and 6,750 m. This national park is divided into parts by the River Pushpawati flowing through it.Open from June to October, this national park is abode to some of the rare animals such as snow leopard, blue sheep, brown bear and Asiatic black bear. Along with rich flora and fauna, the major attraction of this park is the grave of Miss Margarate Legge, who was a botanist.The national park is home to variety of animals such as musk deer, red fox, common langurs, bharals, serows and mouse hares. In addition, the park being inhabited by several birds such as Himalayan golden eagles, griffon vultures, snow pigeons, snow partridges and Himalayan snowcocks, is considered as a bird's paradise.The flora found in this national park comprises Himalayan hogweed, Himalayan whorlflower, poppies, primulas, Himalayan balsam, edelweiss and orchids. In addition, iris kemaonensis, fritillaria roylei, rhododendron arboretum, primula denticuleta, rosa macrophylla and caltha palustris are some of the flowers found in this national park.

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