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The temple of Mahalsa is located at a distance of 9 km from Ponda Taluk, in Mardol Village. The temple is also known as Shri Mahalsa Narayani Temple. The temple is devoted to Goddess Mahalsa (Lakshmi), the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity..The original location of the deity of Mahalsa Temple was at the temple in the Salcette Taluka. The Mahalsa idol was rescued and moved to Mardol Village when the temple at Salcette was ravaged by Adil Shah, in the 16th century. It is considered by some that Mahalsa is the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Mohini, a very beautiful woman, to distract demons from their intention to destroy the world. Later, this form of Vishnu was called Mahalsa. However in Goa, Mahalsa is considered as a consort of Vishnu. At the entrance of temple, there is a three storied lamp tower called 'Deepstambh'.. The tower of lamps is made from brass and it is 12.5 m high. The main hall of the temple is adorned with carvings of the 10 most well known incarnations of Lord Vishnu. At the entrance of temple's sanctum, there is silver frame decorating the doorway. An ancient water tank is situated at the backyard of the temple. Mardol Zatra is the main festival of this temple, which is held here in the month of February, every year. The other festivals celebrated here are Mahashivratri and Kojagiri Purnima.

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Shri Mahalasa Saunsthan, Mardol, Goa 403404, India

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