Safa Mosque

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Safa Mosque is located in Shahpur District, 2 km west of Ponda. The mosque was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah, who was a Bijapur Sultan in 1560. It is one among the two Islamic monuments of the 16th century, which managed to survive the Portuguese rule. Also known as 'Safa Shahouri Masjid', this mosqu is one of the 27 mosques constructed by Ibrahim Adilshah during the 16th century. The mosque has a rectangular prayer hall, with tiled roofing and a masonry tank inscribed with 'maharab' (semi circular shaped niche for prayers) that is situated on the south of the prayer hall. Safa Mosque is standing on an elevated base and the walls of the mosque are adorned with Islamic arches.

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Safa Masjid, Electricity Dept Staff Residential Colony, Ponda, Goa 403401, India

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