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Nageshwara Jyotirlinga Temple, also called the Nagnath temple, is located in the outskirts of Dwarka, in Gujarat. It is a famous Lord Shiva Shrine in India, which is situated between Gomati Dwarka and Beyt Dwarka Island. Nageshwara is one of 12 Jyotirlingas mentioned in the Shiva Purana. The lingam enshrined in this temple is that of Nageshwara Mahadev, symbolising protection from all kinds of poison. The highlight of the temple is the Nageshwara Mahadev Shiva Lingam, which is a giant statue. This temple is unique in the sense that the Shiva Lingam faces to the south and the Gomugam faces towards the east. According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva started residing in the temple after he killed a demon named Daaruka. This place was thus named after this demon as Darukavana.   Shivaratri festival is celebrated in grand style at this temple, which is attended by innumerable devotees from across the world. Tourists can take rides in buses and auto rickshaws to visit this temple, which is around 10 km from the main town.

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Daarukavanam, Gujarat 361345, India

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